Monday, August 25, 2008


I was checking out the news and they were talking about how there has been a lot of home invasions in the city and they gave out this website to help prevent home invasions. I took a look at these and they are decent but I think I could make improvements to these so here they are. (The site is Home Invasion)

Some simple things you can do to prevent home invasions.
When you are at home:

Do not confront intruders (Without your shotgun)

Do not open doors until you are satisfied that it is safe to do so (and you are prepared to kick someone in the balls till they bleed)

Answer "I'll get it" even if you live alone or are the only one at home (Answer “That’s where I put my flamethrower)

Teach children to never answer or open a door without an adult at the door with them (Or just give them a sword)
In and around your home:

Do not use door chains. Use strong devices that allow you to open the door a couple of inches (Put a shotgun in your house that shoots threw the door every 5 minutes. If people still want to go in your house they deserve the stuff they steal)

Reinforce door frames and all doors (With a mild explosive device)

Use a security alarm, personal panic alarm and intercom systems (Best security system is a well trained wolf in the front yard. And by well trained I mean bloodthirsty)

Those are some very easy ways to protect your home, and if you think they are inhumane have fun getting raped because of your crappy wuss ass security system.

Okay people go forth and protect your home and go to HUMOR-BLOGS.COM because you know i am right


The Hypocritical One said...

I'm glad I don't live near you.

Dan da Man said...

My house is the safest in town

Ingrid said...

Ha-ha-haaaaa.. omg that was hilarious.. hahahahaha :D
Well yes, I'm glad that I don't live near you AND :D I BET THAT YOUR HOUSE IS THE SAFEST IN TOWN :D from what I read :D

Take care


Dan da Man said...

Well my house is the safest to live in not so sure safest to walk by (depends if my wolf is outside or not, Wish i could find his chain)